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Self Defense Ammo

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With so many choices on the market, do you choose a particular brand. Do you simply choose by price or what is available. Also do you run a quantity thru your SD weapon to be sure it feeds and runs reliably. I have had good luck with Remington golden saber sd in both 9mm & 40s&w. I run a box thru my weapon and if its perfect, I trust it and that's what I stick with. These days supply is limited, so at the range I shoot whatever fmj ammo I can get, and hold back at least 2 mags of my carry sd ammo.
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I mostly carry rem umc hps, have them loaded in both my 9s, 40, and 45. Would have them in my 357 but 50 bucks is a lot of money!!!! Got federal 158gr jsp loaded in both my 357 .
got fed hs in my 32, the wife has rem umc fmjs in her 380. I'm thinking anything reliable in the smaller cals will work.

I don't buy into the pretty boxes, and dollar a round ammo ain't for shooting!!! Heck being a hardcore reloader rem umc is a little high to shoot to much of.

Ljutic says the rem 9mm load is about as good as it gets.
Yeah some of the prices are insane. I got the sabers at half price when my range didn't have any regular ammo, The guy I know there sold it to me to shoot that day. So what I did was buy a couple of boxes and ran one thru each gun to be sure it was no problem then kept the rest to load my mags to carry. I don't shoot anymore SD at the range, only the fmj that I have stocked up on. Every time I go to Walmart or bass pro I check their stock and buy what they limit. Last couple of weeks have been dry around here. This whole deal sucks with limited or nothing available to shoot.
And you are right whenever the next time comes to buy SD ammo, I'm buying whatever JHP is cheap......!!!! Until then the couple of mags I have loaded already are only for SD use.
Whatever you do, don't use this kind.............


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Toney, are you like me, I reload almost everything I shoot except 9mm? I can't find anything to shoot around here now so I'm going to start reloading the 9mm brass I have been saving up for hard times. (Cause hard times are here) I only have 500 fmj 115 gr. bullets which is what I always practiced with. I usually use cast for reloading and I bought some 124 gr rn. My question is have you or anyone else ever shot cast 9mm from your Kahr or know anyone who has?
I have tryed some lee 105gr cast hand loads in my cm9, they worked good.
Don't know about them in the polygonal barrels. Never could bring myself to try them in my g21
I shoot the REM 115 gr. HP's. they may not be the best rated (as far as ratings go), but here is why I choose these-first they are the same weight as the more economical 115gr ball ammo out there. I shoot alot-so my gun is sighted with this weight. If I can hit a 8" circle at 25 yrds holding off hand (w/two hand hold) BECAUSE I do practice with the same weight ammo-then I feel more confident about the shot placement. If I had chose the 124 or 147 gr ammo (that may be better but is more expensive and harder to find)-I would not shoot as much/as often. So my reasoning is if I can shoot better because I shoot more , and more often I think that trumps other reasons-IMO. I have hunted for lots and lots of years with different rifles/revolvers with different weight ammo, I tend to shoot what is more common/available. bullet placement is more important than other factors I feel.
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I handload my 9MM self-defense ammo, using Alliant Unique powder, Speer 124gr GDHP’s, and new Winchester brass. The ballistics for this handload falls in the middle of Speer’s factory ballistics for their 124gr Gold Dot ammo. I feel it important to use new unfired brass when making self-defense loads. I also handload my self-defense ammo on my single stage press rather than on my progressive. I have more control over the finished ammo using a single stage press. Each powder charge is individually weighed. This sounds like a lot of work, but for a 100 rounds of ammo with quality and reliability better than a factory round, it’s worth the effort. From a price point, I can handload 100 rounds for about the same price as a factory 20 round box. I check ballistics with a chronograph and a magazine full [17 rounds] for accuracy at 10 yards. My handloads cycle through my CM9, M&P Shield and M&P FS flawlessly. And no I am not concerned about using handloads for self-defense, considering everything I use has been factory recommended.
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And a Howdy back, neighbor to the north of the Red River. [grin]
I'm a big fan of CCI. From .22lr to 45 ACP, they are my favorite. I would encourage anyone to look at the Speer Gold Dot. They are my choice for 45 and 9mm.
Speer is good stuff..........I've always had good luck with federal & Remington umc.........no WWB and terrible luck with Tula brass max 45 is crap
I'm using C.O.P. Copper Only Projectiles, 9mm is 115gr, and 40 is 140gr. A couple of local guys showed some pretty good results with both calibers, I'm carrying my CW 9 and Glock 23, 27. You can look around on Youtube and see some for your self. I know this is an older post but may help someone out on deciding what to carry.
I'm with ya WVjoe...I use steel or any combo there of in my rifle's but my pistols seem to function better with brass. Prolly due to the expansion properties of brass...:subdued:
I use federal HST in my .45acp and federal Hydra-shok in my 9mm. I can't find any HST's in 9mm locally.
Any premium defense ammo should work just fine. Carry ammo should have Nickle plated cases to prevent corrosion. The important thing is that it functions properly in your particular gun.
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My self defense ammo will vary with the mood I am in. I will use Remington Golden Saber in 9 or 45 and regular ball ammo in 380 if I need to bring someone down quickly. I will use regular ball ammo in 380 or Winchester Defender in 9 & 45 if I want to bring someone down quickly. I get fickled every now and then, but that's me.

If I am really fickled and I really don't know what I want to do or need to do when a bad man attacks my Home (land) I may just pull out a couple boxes of 308 Winchester Match. I figure if it is good enough for punching holes in paper, it'll be good enough for ISSI Goat Lovers. Nothing pops the top of a Goat Lover/Communist/Nazi like a 308 round.

Aren't you glad you asked?
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Well I for one am glad you joined in. 'Course ya fergeted the OO buckshot. Might's well give'm some of each :getdown:
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