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sent control

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For early bow season I'm still pretty anal ... got fresh earth sent wafers hanging in my truck. I wash my clothes in sport wash and they get sprayed with fresh earth sent killer and get put into totes.

Up until a couple years I carried my pee out.

For rifle season I don't worry. If I'm setting in a blind I probably wont even
Have on camo.

I smoke if the wind is right.... a few years ago,I got my nephew on a stand in my bottom, walked about half way to my Stand and seen a truck then a car, and tents!!!

I wasn't sure who the were, but I decided to go set... about 6 they started a fire and cooked breakfast! !!

I never light up in the morning before 10 but I was smoking one when a deer heard walked up from down wind
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Must have been city folk !!!
It was a church youth group.... they camp out there a couple times a year, but never that deep in the woods, and my land owner always calls me before.

I was thinking it was some city guys that had leases the neighbor land.

Last opening morning one of the boys with his buddy and girlfriends drove past my sil in his stand got out and started plinking. And it was only 8 am!!!

I shot my Buck just before they got there.... oh yeah... they drove past my hunting truck on the way in!!!
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