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smooth_opr8r said:
Does anyone happen to know the serial number range for the early P380s with feed issues?
I have serial # under 150 and no issues with feeding. that is a new one on me. Again, just my opinion but most issues with kahrs is the fact that most don't give the gun it's needed 200 rounds to get right, Most don't need it at all but if one will work thorugh a couple hundred rounds 90% of the kahrs that gave issues in the first 200 rounds just seem to smooth out.

My only issue with my P380 is it is just one hard puppy to hand rck that first roundinto the gun, so indeed if I do what KAHRS tells me and use the slide lock lever, that issue goes away. A small gun, with very stout recoil springs all add up to making hand rcking more difficult.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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