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several ammo brands

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thurs & sat. pmc gold starfire hp, speer gold dot, win. elite hp, rem golden sabre hp, magtec rb, herters rb, mfs(hungary) rb, rem rb, win. wb rb, blazer rb, s&b rb. a total of ~250 rounds down range, more of the cheaper ones.
starfire hp never would chamber!
but repeatedly would just hit the feed ramp and then dig itself back down into the magazine.
remington round ball would chamber, but most of the time would not go competely into battery, slide would lack maybe an 1/8 - 1/16" of going into battery(fully chambering). i would have to gently push back of silde into battery.
rest of brands worked ok.
a few level stovepipes.
best functioning were the nickel plated brass cartridges- a very distinct double metallic juicy sound when going into battery.
maybe exterior slickness of the nickel plating had something do do with the ease of going into battery.
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