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Dear SIG SAUER Customer:

SIG SAUER, Inc. has initiated a Mandatory Safety Upgrade pertaining to our new Model P238™ pistols. We have determined that a small number of P238 pistols may have safety levers that are not manufactured to factory specifications. Under certain conditions, it may be possible for the lever not to be completely engaged in the safe position. In this condition, the gun will not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, when the safety lever is moved to the off position, the hammer may fall, with the remote possibility that the gun could fire unintentionally, thus creating a risk of injury or death.

There have been no reports of any injuries or mishaps; however, in accordance with SIG SAUER, Inc.’s commitment to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, we are issuing a P238 Mandatory Safety Upgrade, to return the identified product to factory specifications. Upon receipt of the firearm, SIG SAUER will, at no cost to the owner, eliminate the risk identified above by replacing the subject part and performing functional upgrades that have been incorporated into the P238, subsequent to its introduction. SIG SAUER will return the firearm, pre-paid, to the owner as quickly as possible.

If you have a SIG SAUER P238 with a serial number between DA000501 and DA003216, please cease use of the firearm immediately. Not all P238s within the identified serial number range are affected; therefore, it is imperative that you contact us via the UPGRADE HOT LINE at 1 (866) 446-1914. An operator will take your information and confirm if your firearm is required to be returned for Upgrading. If necessary, you will receive a certified package from SIG SAUER that will contain a UPS shipping return label, a Return Merchandise Authorization Number, and a box to return the firearm. Simply affix the provided UPS shipping label to the supplied box (completely covering the existing shipping label) and bring the box to a designated UPS drop-off location. Please be certain to include the magazine along with the original SIG SAUER blue gun box. If you have questions or would like further information, you may contact SIG SAUER CUSTOMER SERVICE at 603-772-2302 (Choose Option # 3).

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your immediate cooperation in the return of your P238 handgun.



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just seems like no ne can get it right anymore. Birthing pains on this 380 already. Great that Sig is stepping up to the plate so fat but again but another inconvenience to owners ..

Course I know of one copany who made thousands of 380 with so many defects in them and they never ever had a recall, so kudos to Sig for that and for Ruger also..

that is a really bad safety issue. And everybody that got one might not send it back. Sig is not known for fast service.
And, jocko, the company you mention that had no recall, I know who you are talking about. They assumed their warrenty would take care of it. I sent one back to them that failed to eject and they fixed it with a newer model ejector, etc. Then it worked fine. So I guess if it's not a really bad safety issue, to heck with it, let the customer figure it out for themself or give up and send it back. Had one of their .32's that the frame cracked, dealer gave me my money back and sent the pistol in. However, that company knows all about 'smileys' with the 380 and doesn't really care about trying to eliminate the problem with a better magazine. If it doesn't kill the customer but still shoots, who cares!! :mad: :eek:
But what if the defect fails the gun to shoot in a serious self defense situation?? One brand of 380 I tried had a MIM trigger that broke on the second range trip. Sure, they sent me a new trigger that I was able to install myself. But who wants to take a chance on a gun like that, a POS for sure! :mad: ::)
og....who's had his share of junk guns and glad they're gone!!!
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