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Slide cover plate is loose on my P380

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Just bought a Kahr P380. Besides the slide not locking back after the last round & it only liking certain 380 brass ammo, the slide cover plate is loose. Is this normal? Thanks.
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Howdy and congrats!!! Is yours new? My plate move a litttle, but not much on my cm.
didn't they start putting two screws on the 380? You can snug it up, I cant remember the size driver but be carefully not to over tighten.
Yes it's new. I will look into how to tighten it up. Thanks.
Congrats! Mine was a bit loose when I first got it but a quick tighten and it's stayed that way. And, just FYI, mine was moody for the first 300 rounds. Now it's flawless and will shoot any brand of ammo that I've tried.
How did you tighten it? I see no external screw. Thanks.
Think your talking about the cover for the end of the slide. It's held on by the extractor spring.
you can see it in the half circle on the right hand side of the cover.
Can you tighten it thru the half circle or do you need to take the slide back off? Thanks.
There's no tightening it, can you get your hands on another to see if its like yours?

If it was mine id remove it and make sure the spring and everything else looks ok.

You have to use something really thin to depress the spring to get the plate to slide out. Check your owner's manual to see how the parts are supposed to be.
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