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Just bought a CT380 last week... Took me a year to get around to buying it after I gave my daughter my CW380...

The CT shoots remarkably well straight out of the box.. I am quite impressed.. The CW was a fantastic light throw it in your shorts pocket gun, but target shooting was not a strong point for me..not that I would expect that from a gun that tiny..

Since the CT shoots as well as it does, I want to modify/ personalize it a bit...
A few months back I had bought some Truglo Pro night sight for my wife's Glock 42 and my S&W BG380 (which would be at the bottom of my pond if the Galloway mods weren't so good)... Those new sights are the best night sights I have ever used... Very bright and the front is prominent... The white ring around the front tritium stands out excellently in daylight...
If there is a shop that can mill the CT slide to accept a wider range of sights than the Dawson fiber optics... I would love to know about it...
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