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Slide Not Locking & Kahr Excellent Service

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Slide Not Locking & Kahr Excellent Service

I haven't been around much lately. It's been a busy summer. Anyway, I got my P380 back in April. One of the first ones out. At about 300 rounds, the slide quite locking open on the last shot. I have three Kahr magazines and this was on all mags. I was shooting both Winchester White box and Remington UMC. I called Kahr and they had me check the angle of the slide stop spring. It was correct at 3:00. He said he'd send me a new slide stop spring. When it showed up, he had also included a new slide stop and recoil spring. I realized, I didn't have a torx small enough to remove the slide stop spring so I called Kahr back and ordered one. When that showed up, it was too small. Another call to Kahr. He was sure it was the right wrench, but agreed to send me the larger one used for the PM9. When that showed up, (overnight by the way) I got the spring removed and changed. Now when I reinstalled the slide, it would lock in one position and wouldn't move forward to backwards at all. I could remove it without any problem. I made sure the slide stop spring was correctly installed and tried it again. Same problem, slide locks in place. Another call to Kahr and they felt the slide stop pin was not seating and wanted me to take a mallet and pound it in. I said NO WAY! They emailed me a Fed Ex label and I sent it in on a Monday. The next Friday, I got a call from customer service that the factor had installed the wrong torx screw in the frame and that they had repaired the problem. They cleaned it, test fired and said all was ok. I received the gun back the next Monday. I had been afraid I'd be without it for a month or more. It was actually only a week. I was at the range today and put about 200 rounds through it. It works flawlessly. I know this is long, but I had to tell the whole story so all would know how helpful and cooperative Kahr was with my issue. I haven't experienced excellent customer service like this for a long time. It reinforces the statement that you get what you pay for. I'm a very happy camper.

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Re: Slide Not Locking & Kahr Excellent Service

wow, hard to believe but the P380 uses a #5 torx screw where as the PM9 uses a #6 torx screw. But I was told that they were now going to all #5 torx screws on all the polymer kahrs. I can see how it could have happened as the torx screw makes its own threads when screwing into the side where that little springy goes. Never made any sense to me for kahr to have two different size torx screws for their guns, They are so hard to tell apart anyway, not alot of difference in the #6 or #5 but evidenlty if they get the wrong one in the gun, sh-t happens.

Kahrs service has been excellent to say the least. Kudos to kahr on that part, blaah on the wrong screw thing. I could tell you a better story on my P380 but I willhold off on it for awhile, almost as unbelievalbe as your story, mine maybe alittle worse even..
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