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Slide Polishing ?

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Other than the P380 pimping thread , ( which may have been hard chromed , haven't asked ) has anybody buffed their slide to a shine like a Black Rose edition ? Can it be done or am I just going to have to break the bank for a Black Rose in 9mm ?

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Just checked their site , Kahr will do it for $130 + $25 shipping .......:eek:
I haven't polished a pistol, have polished some hot rod parts.
yeah that sounds kinda high to me, but for the time I had in a alternator I could have bought a crome one.
I bought a 40 cal. S&W stainless when they first came out many years ago. I decided to polish all the flat surfaces only. It turned out extremely nice. It took several hours to do it but was well worth it to me.

I used masking tape to cover areas I did not wont polished and replaced it as needed. lowes or Home Depot had sticks of polishing compound one of those was made specifically for stainless steel. I also got a stick of jewelers rough to complete the miirror finish.

I have not polished a Kahr before, but if it is stainless steel it can be polished.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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