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Slide Stop Installation Help

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I took down my P380 to clean and I had a heck of a time putting the slide stop back in. The fatter part of the stop would not "push" the slide stop spring aside enough to complete the install. My spring looks just like the close-up picture on page 22 in the manual. I finally was able to wiggle it in, pushing the spring with a tiny screwdriver.

Should I file the edge a little to make it easier to go over the hump?

I did call Kahr and they just said to push harder which did not make sense to me due to the delicate plastic post that the spring is on.

Any suggestions would help.
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put a dab of grease on that slide stop pin and angle it to get past that spring somewhat. That spring actually serves to things. If you look at ur slide stop lever, where the round pin makes contact with the flat part of the slide stop lever there is a small groove completly aorund that pin. That is where part of that little springy thing will snap into place also. It serves as a keeper to keep the slide stop lever from coming out. the little springy tip now it just rides right over the top of that little nub on the inside of the slide stop lever and it you look at that little nub you will see a small groove in that nub even. That is where that little springy tip should stay. I also put a dab of grease on that nub also. just makes insertion easier. Kahr is right, alittle force will move that springy aside until it snaps into that little groove on the round pin. Your gun is normal, Just practice with it a tad and u will see that it is a no brainer...
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Thanks Jocko, I really appreciate your reply. I will follow your suggestion.
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