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I guess I was one of the first to snare one of these little gems. I must have fired about a 1000 rounds through it by now and I am amazed at how smooth things have become - I started out with Brian Enos' Slide Glide Lite to lube the rails and key friction points and it has served me well - I just happen to be partial to the stuff for all my guns.

I have been shooting lately my own reloads mostly using the Rainier 95 grainers.My feeling is, the P380 is a gun that can and should be fired often. Reloading it very economical, about $5-7 to load a box of 50 depending on the bullet. And to think, it used to be a lot cheaper than that in the old days.

My P380 has been problem-free so far.

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Howdy!!! These guys haven't been around in years.

You can use lead bullet data. What is it Rainier recommends, like 1000fps ?

I push my to the same speed as my carry load for my 9 and 40 for a practice load. I haven't had any problems with fouling.
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