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Standard Finish vs Elite 03

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I want to buy another K40 (new) and I need some input from members who have had both the regular finish and the Elite.

There used to be the difference of the stampings, but now both are the same. The slide is marked perfectly with the, used to be upgrade, etched model name. I have an older one, and yes they were just stamped.

I know you receive a nicer box and extra magazine, but besides that, is the extra's, like the beveling on the slide worth the extra dough?

So, bottom line, is the Elite worth the extra money over the standard finsih?
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I've owned a standard K40, and have seen the elite. The polished finish is nice, but it will show scratches and fingerprints like crazy. In the long run I think you would be happier with the matte finish.........and no it's not worth the premium price !!!
Thanks Ron - Thanks for your help.
My K40 has the standard brushed SS finish. If you get a nick in the slide, like I did, it is much easier to fix the nick in the standard finish.
Hello Flieger,

Have you made a decision on the finish? I too am wrestling with which gun to purchase. It is not so much the finish that interests me as the beveling of the magazine well. Maybe that can be done separately without a lot of time/money/trouble. As well as the polishing. I don't know that I like the "Elite 03" logo on the frame. :culpability:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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