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Strange Things You See at the Gun Store

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So I checked back in at my local Kahr dealer last week. It was another one of my unscheduled fly-bys where I go in looking for an all black P380 with night sights and end up not finding it, but usually end up with something else. In the Kahr P380 section they have two stainless slide models. One with the typical black grip the other in PINK. I had to do a double-take to make sure I was looking at Kahr and not a Taurus 738. I guess there must be a market for them or they wouldn't make em.

I ended up with a Springer XDm45 instead of the all black Kahr they didn't have. Hard to turn down the 3 free magazines offer they have going.
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Congrats!!! I really like my xdm9.
The pink ones have been out for years and are now discontinued for at least a year. I was going to get one for my wife and then she decided she didn't want a pink one. By the time I bought a black one, she decided she didn't want a gun after all. The P380 ended up being mine.
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