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Striker stuck

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I took my cw380 apart today. Reassembled it and racked the slide several times. Pulling the trigger revealed a different sound than usual. I see that the striker is cocked about half way and won't go forward no matter what I do. Any cures before I call K ? Thanks
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Howdy, how far did you take it apart?
How did the slide come off? Did you force it off?
Wow.... something isn't right, think I'd pull the striker and have a look.
Do it in a big clear bag. Its an owner maintenance thing anyway, you really need to learn how just to clean it out every once in a while. Watch some u tube.
Thinking about it, if you can't get the striker forward the cover will probably be a pain to slide off.

I would almost bet the tip has broke off and is sideways blocking the channel.

If it was mine, I would wiggle the striker back and forth to see what happened. Then I would probe the firing pin hole with a paper clip while messing with the striker.
Is it the firing pin block?
I'm pretty sure they'll send it to you, will be a lot faster than mailing your pistol in.
That's probably where the tip of the pin stuck. As long as the channel bore is still smooth it shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah... doesn't look like mind...
I has been thinking about cleaning my channel out anyway, I'm not really sure how many rds it gone through, 4-600

Only been 2 since I cleaned the pistol last, my brother wanted to try it.
Also. The spring on the slide release needs to be strong. They should have a change and offer it as mail out or mail cw in. I have worked on keepin fingers off r.
I don't know how you guys deal with the slide release ... I had to change my grip on my m&p cause I was holding it down with my thumbs. Had got into the habit of shooting with my thumb on top of the grip or ambi safety shooting 1911s.
Oh man.....

Are you using snap caps?
I didn't think it was.supposed to hurt a kahr. I dryfire mine some, i did inspect it after you had your problem, and it looked fine.
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