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Tactical Kydex Magazine Holders

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Mitchell at Tactical Kydex should have a Kahr P380 magazine mold soon. I sent him one Saturday. This is his "hobby" for now, and his prices are fantastic.
Single mag holders are $16 for two, shipped IWB or OWB or one of each. A double holder is $21 shipped. He still needs a Kahr .45 magazine to make a mold from. It only costs an additional $1.50 to return specific magazines like that, so if you have one not listed, you can order and send in one of your mags.
A very satisfied customer made a YouTube video where he shows his extensive collection of T-K magazine holders for every kind of magazine -- impressive!
Wynn :)
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Update: I sent Mitchell a P45 magazine, so he can make IWB and OWB holders for any of the Kahrs now.
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