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Top Shot Returns !!

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New season of Top Shot begins tonight.............
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It's gonna be good this season, they brought back the top 16 shooters from the past seasons. There are no teams this time, everyman for himself. I think they repeat the show later in the week also, might want to check your tv guide.
"Top Shot returns"
Not familiar with the show. Can you provide more infor please, where, when?
The show is on the History channel. It is a show where marksman from around the country compete with all kinds of weapons. The weapons range from pistols of all kinds, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, bow and arrow. The contestants compete by shooting at all kinds of targets and distances. Sometimes they have to climb or deal with obstacle type course in order to get to the weapon and shoot. Each episode a contestant is eliminated until last person is left as a winner. I believe it's on Wed night History channel.
I miss the clubhouse drama ...
Just finished watching this weeks show, I thought she would make it a little farther
I thought Gabby would make it farther too. Personally I'm glad there is no "clubhouse drama." So far all contestants are respectful and not crybabies.
Yeah after the bow challenge I thought she would go aways.
Agreed. I didn't think anyone would beat her with a pistol in her hand.
I missed last 2 shows, I'll catch up this afternoon thru on demand......!!!
My favorite competition so far has been the Gatling gun elimination........cool gun. I'd like to shoot one of those some day !!!!!
Oh man.........I just checked the TV guide.........no top shot tonight !!!! Looks like they are running a mini series all night instead.......???
Tried it again...just can't get into the whole "Reality TV" thing. Ifvit was a straight competition it would be alright, bug putting all the other crud into it kills it fir me:thumbdown:
I watch it normally the day after it airs, on demand, and fast forward thru all the stuff at the house, etc.......
Top Shot tonight ................
Ill watch it tomorrow, I'm into the terra nova Marathon, got 4 to go.
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