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traded in my Rohrbaugh R9 for a P380

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Hello all,
I came into a P380 thru the back door, I guess. I bought a Ruger LCP in April, shot in and liked it but, for some unknown to me reason, sold it to a friend for my purchase price, and bought the overpriced, temperamental Rohrbaugh R9 9mm. From the first time I shot it, with target ammo, I realizwed it was temperamental and not a primary carry gun. I am a retired NYPD Dertective of 20 years- half with a wheel gun and half with a Glock 19 so I was used to reliability.
I hated the difficult disassembly of the Rohrbaugh and the ridiculous 200 round spring that needs to be changed. The theory of "carry alot shoot a little" never made sense to me and I just this week traded in my Rohrbaugh (lost a few hundred) and purchased a Kahr P-380. I shot 75 cheapie target ammo and 30 street rounds flawlessly. The only issue was racking the slide, the round would jam wehen reloading, but I found a technique to slingshot the slide back instead of using the slide release to reload and it worked like a charm. I love the fact the gun locks open when empty-it is actually a shrunken version of a larger Kahr, with all the features. There iks no sacrifice like with a Seecamp or Rohrbaugh, both of which I consider to be "safe queens."
Anyway, glad to own this fine gun, when I took it to a local range - the guys were "ogling" it!

S & W 340 PD, Glock 30, 33 and 27, NAA Pug- 22 mag, Taurus "The Judge" 3"
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excellent weapon IMO. racking the slide can be very difficult with the P380. those recoil springs are very stout, If you can rack then your ok, otherwise us the slide lock lever to load that first round.

I always thought I wanted a R9 but have read so many artricles tha it is ammoo sensitive and one just can't shoot alot of rounds through it.

Ur right, shoot seldom and carry often started over on the kt forum, when their guns were giving alot of issues. never made sense to me..
I had some difficulty racking the slide today also. I can sling shot the LCP, but I found with the P380 I can hit the mag release and push the mag back in, it worked well. I've only shot WWB with a flat nose, so I wasn't to disappointed. The LCP hangs up with hollow points. Round nose is not a problem in the LCP. I just need to play with the P380 a little more.
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