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Being new to the "pistol" world and only have owned revolvers I'm not really sure what to call this problem so I'll explain it here and I'm sure good advice will follow.
After explaining this to Kahr their response was just to send it in but now (after 3 months of owning this P380) I'll be butt naked without it so I'd rather self fix if possible.
Took it to the range last Tuesday, After 40 or so rounds the trigger lost it's "spring pressure" or didn't reset or something. Dropped the mag, self ejected the chambered bullet and still nothing.
After 6 separate mag drops it finally caught and worked well for the rest of my 100 rounds.
Kinda gives a bit of insecurity for a concealed type pistol.
Anything I should look for, or clean or anything?

As with any of my cars any time I allow a mechanic to fix something that I just don't want to tackle I always have more problems afterwards then before, plus it will allow me to fix and understand this gun for years to come.
Thanks to all.

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Try looking at the Kahr website and see the exploded diagram of your gun. There is a trigger spring and a trigger bar and spring. Being that you got it to reset, there could possibly be some residue in there. I'm no expert here, but I would try spraying some cleaner lube in that area to see if that resolves your issue. Otherwise depends on your judgement to try to take it apart, which I would avoid as Kahr may then void your warranty, or send it back to them for repair.....
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