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Trijicon Night Sight Set for P380 at Kahr Shop

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They cost $80.00 and kahr will install them for $40 if you send the slide.

Does any body have a set yet?
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I know $40 sounds high plus postage in and out (which you can just sent the slide regular mail and save big time) but if you dont' have a good sight pusher and most of the sight pushers willnot do very wellon these small guns like this P380, then indeed let kahr do it and do it right.. a smitty would charge you at leat $25 bucks and who knows how he willget that old sight out to.. they are damn near welded in placed.
The only thing that bothers me is that they seem to be taller than the stock sights
erice303 said:
The only thing that bothers me is that they seem to be taller than the stock sights
My understand about trituim sights is that they have to be at least a certain size for the tritium vials to be inserted and work OK. I can say my P380 kahr has the xs big dot night sights on it and they are awesome, bugger than stock but I knew that going into the buy to..
Got mine in the mail from Khar today. Will have the local gun smith put them on tomorrow. He also installed NS on my FNP45.
What are the color options for the sights? Green only or a combination of yellow, orange and green?
I just picked up a P380 with the NS's installed. Looks great cost me a extra $50.00 over a non-NS P380, Typical Trijicon green dot's. Hopefully I will be able to go out and shoot the P380 this weekend and see how the sight picture lines up. When I talked to Kahr about installing NS on a non-NS P380, I was looking at about $170.00 to do it, they suggested I try not to do it myself. They do look good on the P380 though.


So you actually found one of the new p380s (a p380N) or did a gunsmith install 'em on an already existing p380 at your shop? Just hoping that the Ns are coming into stock cuz maybe it'll mean my order will come in one of these days.
I got lucky and found a N version on GunsAmerica this week, I believe they are coming into stock now. Kahr put the NS on their website last week...

that is good news, sure save time and money sending back one's slide. When kahr installs them at the factory they are right.

You will like your night sights. One of the very few if any 380 pocket guns that can offer night sights. I know of none who offer nights sight sonthe 380's int he xs big dot version at all.
I own a P380 serial # RA 15xx I bought in 2009. It came with night sights.
Yeah sometimes its just easier if they come from the factory that way............most Sigs seem to come with their own siglite night sights installed, which is a nice touch.........also one reason they are on the pricy side.....
I don't see why a person would need night sights on a small pocket gun in the first place. They are defensive close range point and shoot guns as for as I am concerned. Hey, but that's me.
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