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Walther PPS - I am lovin' this gun

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I had been in the market for a while for a subompact 9mm since I got rid of my Kahr PM9 (nothing wrong with it, a fine gun - I just found it a bit heavy for pocket carry so I decided a slightly larger IWB 9mm would work better for me). I took one look at the PPS on my dealer's shelf last week and given my high level of satisfaction with the Walther P99 (love that gun, both the standard and the compact), I was sold. The PPS is just a hair heavier than my old PM9, extremely thin, and very important to me, it has a Glock like trigger that I am very used to and shoot well. I just came back from the range after firing 150 rounds of WW White Box 9mm and Federal HydraShok - not one single failure and I am very impressed with its accuracy. This one is definately a keeper.

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