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Obviously I'm a newbie to the CCW world and trying desperately to follow forum comments with several abbreviations I don't know about. After looking online for definitions I've not found a good list of all of them. Is there such a thing somewhere?

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Thanks again Toney.
These will be saved for later use but I was talking more along the abbrev. used by gun users. For instance AWIB(never could find this one), and others like IWB, OWB as an example. There just has to be a list similar to your contribution.

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I found this one; hope it helps.............
Firearms Acronyms and Abbreviations

IWB- Inside Waist Band
OWB- Outside Waist Band
AIWB- Appendix Inside Waist Band

2A - Second Amendment

ACP - Automatic Colt Pistol (e.g. .45 ACP)
AE - Action Express (e.g. .50 AE)
AK - Avtomat Kalashnikova
ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
Anti - short for someone who is anti-Second Amendment
AOW - Any Other Weapon
AP - Armor Piercing
API - Armor Piercing, Incendiary
APT - Armor Piercing, Tracer
AR - Often short for AR15, originally as in Armalite
AWB - Assault Weapon Ban

BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives
BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle
BC - ballistic coefficient
BCG - Bolt Carrier Group
BG - Bad Guy
BMG - Browning machine gun
BP - black powder
BT - Boat-Tailed
BUG - Backup Gun - Class 3, see NFA
BUIS - Back Up Iron Sight

C&R - Curio & Relic
Cal. - Caliber
CCDW - Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon
CCP - Concealed Carry Permit
CCRKBA - Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
CCW - Carry Concealed Weapon
CFP - Concealed Firearms Permit
CHL - Concealed Handgun License
CIII - Class 3, see NFA
CLDF - Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
CMP - Civillian Marksmanship Program
CQB - close quarters battle
CQC - close quarters combat
CSGV - Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, formerly National Coalition to Ban Handguns (NCBH)
CWP - Concealed Carry Permit

DA - Double Action
DAO - Double Action Only
DOD - Department of Defense
DOJ - Department of Justice

EBR - "Evil Black Rifle"

FFL - Federal Firearms License
FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
FN - Fabrique Nationale
FNH - Fabrique Nationale Herstal
FOID - Firearms Owner IDentification
FOP - Fraternal Order of Police
FOPA - Firearms Owner Protection Act
FP - Flat Point
FPS - Feet Per Second, commonly used to measure muzzle velocity

GA - gauge
GCA - Gun Control Act
GI - Government Issue
GOA - Gun Owners of America
GSSF - Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

HD - Home Defense
H&H - Holland & Holland
HP - Hollow Point
H&R - Harrington & Richardson

IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association
ILA - Institute for Legislative Action (as in NRA-ILA)
IMR - Improved Military Rifle
IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation

JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point
JPFO - Jews for the Protection of Firearm Ownership
JSP - Jacketed Soft Point

LC - Long Colt (e.g. .45 LC)
LE - Law Enforcement
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LHP - Lead Hollow Point
LPK - Lower Parts Kit
LR - Long Rifle (e.g. .22 LR)
LRN - Lead, Round Nose
LSWC - Lead Semi-WadCutter

Mag - Magnum or short for magazine
MAIG - Mayors Against Illegal Guns
MG - Machine Gun
mm - millimeter
MOA - Minute of Arc/Angle

NAGR - National Association for Gun Rights
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (e.g 7.62 NATO a/k/a 7.62x51)
NBRSA - National Bench Rest Shooters Association
NCBH - National Coalition to Ban Handguns
NEF - New England Firearms
NFA - National Firearms Act
NICS - National Instant Criminal backgroud check System
NRA - National Rifle Association
NSSF - National Shooting Sports Foundation

OAL - Overall Length
OC - Open Carry or Oleoresin Capsicum (e.g. pepper spray)
O/U - Over/Under

PSI - Pounds per square Inch, measurement of pressure

Rem - Remington (e.g. .223 Rem)
RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RNL - Round Nosed Lead
RRA - Rock River Arms

SA - Single Action or semi-auto
SA/DA - Single Action/Double Action
SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute
SAA - Single Action Army
SAF - Second Amendment Foundation
SBR - Short Barreled Rifle
SBS - Short Barreled Shotgun
SHOT - Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades (e.g. SHOT Show)
SMG - Submachine gun
SJHP - Semijacketed Hollow Point
SJSP - Semijacketed Soft Point
SOT - Special Occupational Tax
SP - Soft Point
Spl - Special (e.g. .38 Spl)
SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics
S&W - Smith & Wesson
SWC - Semi-WadCutter

TC - Thompson Center

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association

WC - WadCutter
WCF - Winchester Center Fire
Win - Winchester (e.g. .308 Win)
WMR - Winchester Magnum Rimfire (e.g. .22 WMR)
WSM - Winchester Short Magnum (e.g. .300 WSM)

YHM - Yankee Hill Machine
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This one also goes on my list also and thank you. AIWB,,,,,of course it's Appendix IWB. I never thought of it. DAH!

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I was looking in that area originally and thought it a good idea for newbie's like me. Thought I'd hold off suggesting it though, figured if you thought it worth while you'd come thru. It seems obvious to me with all the new folks coming in it would be a good idea.

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Over the last several months I've noticed other abbrev. not shown on the list. Surely we the list can be updated to show additions. How would we inform whoever? PM, Post, Carrier Pigeon? Would the list be updated rather than having to look thru all of the posts?

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We can update it.......I guess its something haven't thought about..........if anyone has terms that they would like to add, post or drop me a pm and I'll be happy to do it !!

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I thought I would PM either you or Toney but wanted to check first to see if it could be updated. Working on it now to make it presentable so you don't have to spend too much time on it. I've run across several abbrv. that aren't shown is why I ask. It'll take me a few days as I'm running. Thanks

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That's an odd one.........I had to look it up also.......back up iron sight...... for the curious out there !!! I'll try to add it
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