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Bizarre slide rack technique-works flawlessly for me!!!
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I have put 75 rounds, cleaned, and then on another day, put another 75 rounds thru P380 without a problem at all. I agree, THE most difficult gun to rack the slide to load but I found a weird techniques that works every time for me. Maybe I discovered it because I was sweating in an indoor range and had trouble gripping the small gun or whatever but, when the slide locks open and gun is empty- I press the slide release and let the slide return, insert a new mag into the gun- switch to my non shooting hand and "slingshot" rack the slide smartly without riding it- with my shooting hand, then return the P380 back to my shooting hand to fire again with new mag.
If I am loading to carry on the street- I do the same routine and then pop out mag and add another round.
Not sure if I explained it correctly but I have been able to practice that technique (and can do it quick now) 500 times consecutively without once not being able to raqck the new round in.

Not sure why switching to my non shooting hand and doing what I call "slingshotting" the slide with my strong hand works so well for me ( I admit I would be skeptical to hear of the technique) but it does. The only reason I say I have been able to do it 500X in a row is because I have not tried more but I am sure I can.
Hope this makes sense?
Also, I wanted to give a thumbs up and sho ;Dut out to Ian Burr in Kahr Arms customer service. When I purchased the P380, one of the magazines butt plates would not lock in place and was able to slide off.
I mailed the mag back to the factory and also ordered an additional mag from the Kahr website. Both magazines came together, via UPS in one week!!!
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