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Wet Molding

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Just missed this wallet holster on Gunsamerica .The maker (I will not mention for non-advertising rules) does not have a dummy P380 mold gun. I wanted to purchase a new one but am not fond of the idea of wrapping my new gun in plastic and pressing it between water soaked leather for a few hours. It's a shame there are not more choices for the P380 than there are , I guess the price of the gun itself has kept us out of the mainstream of manufacturing accessories. New here from Tennessee , not shot my P380 yet , soon.


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I have a Leatherman Charge Tti multitool and had trouble finding a nice leather pouch for it. I bought a tooled pouch for a Wave multitool and while it was close, my Charge would not not quite fit. I soaked the pouch in water, wrapped the tool in two layers of plastic and stuffed it in. After a few days, it is form-fitted to the tool. I wouldn't hesitate to try that on one of my guns if necessary.
With all the new guns comming out -sometimes their is no dummy gun out yet to use as a form fit. When a new holster is made out of leather-it is usually form fitted. I have not tried to do a holster that was already dyed and sealed, only leather I cut undyed or treated.I won't be responsible for what may happen. However if you want to try it, wrap your unloaded gun in saran wrap, hold the holster under the facet w/hot water untill soft, stuff the unloaded gun it it, use a sharpie to push/form the leather around the gun especially the trigger guard area. Let dry under a fan for 2-3 days. If you don't want to leave the gun in the wet holster all that time-remove it after an hour or so-but leave the holster under a fan for 2-3 days.
Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about.Apparently size does matter!! lol
Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about.Apparently size does matter!! lol
Bob..............................( apology to the misses ) !!!!!!!!!
Hello and welcome Nikia,
That holster looks good. The past few days I've been thinking a leather pocket holster. I was looking at a Taqua PK5-020. It looks like thin leather and with a flap. I tried making one and liked it but for reason. the was not easy to get my fingers in the pocket to draw. After a while it formed to match the outline of the gun grip and I had a hard time getting my fingers in there. I had to pull back the flap and then get my fingers in. I think though if the flap was a little taller above the gun grip (stick out of the pocket more) it would be better. If you look in the Gallery in the black bar menu at top of window and click then click on holsters you will see a homemade one. This is what I talking about. I eventually took the flap away and added some length and reinforced the edge with another thickess. The lower edge of the thickness rests and acts a stop against the pocket. It works glory be. I eventually kept cutting down slide retainer to what is shown now so my fingers/thumb could get hold of the grip easily. I didn't like the idea of the trigger being exposed but the thumb is the only thing going in the pocket and it wouldn't pull the trigger. Since then I bought and now have several De Santis Nemesis holster which I really like.
Almost all of the leather holsters I've bought I wrapped tightly in two plastic grocery bags the gun, with emphasis of wrapping more at the slide to holster contact area, in forced into the holster and let sit for several days and night. It loosens up the fit pretty good.
I seen referenced the word "boning" instead of "molding" in several holster links by the way. I only write this as I'm looking for correct terminology and you seem to have some leather experience.

Rule 14 doesn't read that you can't refer to an item of interest. Just that it can't be a "for sale,etc" item AND linked here. I see no harm in copying and paste-ing an item of interest, with it's name to talk about. There is talk of different guns and or items with pics often here which is not the same as linking to a for sale item. Heck, everything is for sale. I may have to take back my words but I don't read the rule as prohibiting conversation of an item.

14. List ALL 'FOR SALE' items in the proper 'WTB/WTS/WTT' forum. You are NOT to list items for sale in any other part of the site. Find the proper category for your item and list it there. DO NOT use other forums to sell anything. This also pertains to items you seek that are 'Wanted to Buy'. Put these in the 'Wanted to Buy' forum in the Want Ads area ONLY. Also, DO NOT post a 'link' to 'For Sale' ads you may have on other boards, such as GunBroker or GunsAmerica. Links in other forums hold the same weight as Ads themselves, they aren't allowed.
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Geeze I just reread and realized this thread was started in 2011!! sorry but the subject is good for those interested.
View attachment 849 my next pocket holster, for what I don't know...
Thats cool looking leather
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