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What A Difference A Year Makes

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Back in October 2009, I picked up my first P380. If you go back to old range reports you will see that it immediately had to go back to Kahr for service because it wouldn't fully return to battery. When I got it back from Kahr it was better and I have enjoyed the gun several times at the range. I carried it from time to time over the last year, but I've always wanted one that was all black and had night sights.

A few weeks ago I found what I was looking for and picked up a NIB all black with night sights. I finally got to the range today to put it through it's paces.

I'll start by saying the experience was 100% the opposite of my first trip out with the previous P380. I did have a few stove pipes in the first 50 rounds, but those disappeared as I progressed through the 300+ rounds I went through today. All of the issues with the first gun are gone in the new one.

I shot lefty, righty, and with a two handed hold. I really wanted to go through all the possibilities and make sure the pistol would work in all grip types. Shot after shot found it's way to the center of mass on the target.

I do have a couple of ammo related issues to report. I had several failures to chamber with Sellier and Bellot ammo. The slide will hang up just short of full battery. I'm avoiding this ammo going forward. I also tried the new Allegiance ammo and had the slide lock prematurely engage on the last round of the magazine a few times, but eventually I could get through 7 rounds by the end of the box. Keeping this one on the radar screen since it's one of the heaviest .380 rounds at 100 grain available at a reasonable price.

Best accuracy came with good old Speer Lawman. Winchester white box FMJ TC also worked well. No issue with Rem/UMC HP, FMJ, or Leadless flat points.

Overall this gun is a sweet shooter. The trigger just feels awesome and better than the first one, if that's possible. The night sights provide a 3 dot sighting system (my preference over any other system) and must stand a little taller than the regular sights so aiming for groups was very easy and visibly rewarding as shot after shot found it's way to the bullseye. The Speer Lawman FMJ was really a stand out in the accuracy department. It might not be the fastest or a fancy hollow point, but I've decided that this will be my carry ammo in this gun.

Just for grins I ran a target out to 7 yards that had 6 black 2" aiming dots on it. I shot once at each dot and finished with bullet holes in 3 of the 6 dots. All the others were missed just to the right of the dot. I'll take that accuracy all day long. This was done with the Speer Lawman ammo.

Can you tell I'm very happy with this pistol? ;D
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Lewji, don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY feel. ;D

My P380 with the exception of the side panel that had to be replaced has never given me any problems. It now has well over a thousand rounds through it and was one of the first to hit the street. Put a CT on it or XS Big Dots and you're done as far I'm concerned. But if the night sights work for you, you're good to go (I'm an old fart and my eyes aren't as good as yours.)
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