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What Ammo does your P380 prefer?

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I'm noticing a HUGE difference in FTF / FTRB & Slide Lock issues all dependent on what ammo I'm using... So I'm wondering what ammo (FMJ & Defense) works best for most people here???

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Corbon power ball is very good if you can find it, I also had good luck with Remington umc, Hornady cd for self defense. No WWB..........
My P380 is very dependable and accurate shooting Winchester white box ammo. For self-defense I carry Hornady Critical Defense which, for my pistol, has functioned flawlessly and is the most accurate hollow point I've shot.
My Wife's gun was very tight as many of these new P380's are. We are just past the 220rd mark. We have mostly fed the gun WWB, and some of my TMJ handloads. We have had the typical issues during this break in period. The gun had digested the truncated WWB bullets pretty well, with stoppages not being from the flat shape of the bullets, but stoppages as the cartridge extractor groove slides under the extractor as it moves up the breach face. These stoppages are fairly rare now with a simple pushing forward of the slide to seat the case into position. I believe it is something that will wear in with more use, or posishing of the beach face.

The WWB flat bullets seem to like the gun or vice versa. Aguila .95gr hollowpoints are the same exact shape as the WWB flat nose bullets, and the gun seems to like those too. My Wife seems to prefer the gun shooting one handed, and does it well.

We both commented how much we like the little gun. I am willing to shoot it as much as I can.
Thanks for the welcome.

This last weekend I took my Wife out by herself. This time just on the naked duct tape 3D cardboard target so she can see her hits and progress as she learns the gun, transitioning from her sold off G26. It is her new P380 just over the 200 round mark. She was learning running the gun in close contact drills, i.e contact, yelling, shooting/not shooting, additional threat scanning, moving rearward while keeping duress on threat, moving to cover, and getting witnesses involved.
All point shooting stuff.
Fortunately these are among the many things we can do in this area. We can even get our cars involved.
My Wife found that she prefers to just run the gun one handed. She has great control, and it is amazing just how little recoil the P380 has. Great little gun.

The next training will be with the training dummy fully clothed to add realism.

My only criticism is the low cut shirt is a shooting no-no.
This was the end string on a fresh target shooting fast and while retreating.
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Good deal.........good shooting !!!!!
Rem umc, federal, corbon pwr ball, magtech, hornady cd......have all worked well for me. Try to stay with round nose when possible. WWB I see has worked for a couple of posters here. They would be the exception. It just has so many issues for many others. It's a crapshoot at best.......
Good deal man......me, Toney and a few others here share the same sentiments.........
You will... mine will function holding in with only my thumb and trigger finger.
Not what you would call the optimal way to do it.......but yeah it definitely works :)
Yeah... I don't shoot sideways like that Guy. I keep it in the web pointed straight ahead.
You know the 380 will fail without any special grip.
If you want to make sure a bad guy Stays shot, this looks like it would do the trick. They even make a .380 load, with .8" expansion.

Pocket Guns and Gear

Maximum Expansion Ammunition and Bullets
I have found that it doesn't matter which brand of ammo I use in my P380, what does matter is the length of each shell. Anything shorter than .965" (measured with a micrometer) will not feed properly. Example - Sig Sauer 90 gr jhp measures at .955, they will NOT feed with any consistency - Hornady 90 gr xtp measures at .967" feeds great. Hope this helps (it helps me when I buy). Maybe this only works with my P380???
WWB works well for me, Remington, blazer brass also. I have had problems with PPU. For self defense ammo I like Hornady critical defense. I like to stay away from the hollowpoints, especially any type that has a jagged edge, they can be problematic in the small 380s.
I pretty much have the same results and uses as you mr380acp.
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