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What else do you carry?

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For me, the p380 is a back up pistol, or a pistol to carry when my IWB is too noticeable.

But my primary pistol is the CZ P-01. I just got in some really nice walnut grips for it, and a dark brown leather IWB holster, from FIST Inc.

I plan to carry it IWB behind my right hip, and carry the p380 in my left front pocket. I usually put my car keys in one of my cargo pockets, and I almost always have cargo pockets, even on my work pants, my khakis, my shorts....almost everything except for my black slacks.

I only wish I could get some wood grips for my Kahr, so that they could match. But since it's a deep concealment gun, it's not meant to be seen.

Plus if a situation arises where someone does create a need for it be revealed, they won't care about the grips.
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Kahr MK9
Detonics Combat Master

I am probably making a large mistake since everyone tells me under stress that I won't remember how to operate my current pistol, but check out all the stuff Ayoob carries. He does not seem worried about how to function his pistol of the day.
eh, as long as you have a lot of practice time with your carry pistol, I think that you'll be okay, even if you have a large number of different types of pistols...the 1911 used to be the name of the game, and people who practiced with it had no problem deactivating the safety when they needed to shoot. It was one of the fastest weapons to make ready from carry, since it's already at single action.

I personally prefer decockers, or DAO striker fired, since all you do is point and shoot, no matter what I am carrying that day.

Honestly, the decocker makes me feel a bit better since half cock requires a heavy trigger pull, and the striker fired is sort of "always ready to go".

However once I get the P380 in hand, I think my fears will be absolved.
I carry a cm9 iwb, a Naa mini in a belt buckle, a naa wasp, p32, or a taurus 651 in my weak hand front pocket.
Kahr p380 is my CCW

Glock 26 or Kahr P9 are optional if the situation warrants it and if I am wearing the right clothes, either in a Remora IWB or ankle holster.

Dan Wesson .357 magnum or Taurus 44 magnum if I am going hiking or camping. I usually carry a ballistic nylon over-the-shoulder day bag that tears down for quick access.

BTW I live in rural Missouri, with the dubious distinction of being the crack capital of the United States. I am not afraid of running into a bear as much as some hyped-up junkies. So the artillery is more than a fashion statement.
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