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What is the word on the Clip Draw.

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Is anyone using Clip Draw? If so, how do you like it.
Please post a pic. Thank you.
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Different strokes for different folks. It is not comfortable for me, and does not hold the gun on an angle-so it did not hide well for me.(maybe because I am about 35- 40 lbs overweight) Great idea though. Very simple.
I have one on my Cm9 as well as my PM9. It works great for me.

i bought the SA version which can be mounted on either side. Mine are left side mounted, muzzle facing forward.

I carry wearing jeans with the clip inserted in the little "pocket within the pocket" on the right side pocket. An untucked T-shirt covers the pistol easily and it doesn't print at all.

I also have different colored "truckers vests" which have inside pockets. I clip the pistol on the inside left vest pocket. It's perfect for right handed cross draw. Pistol is not visible with the vest open as long as the pistol is clipped to the rear of the pocket.

And please, no static about accidental trigger pulls when drawing. A little trial and error on where you attach the clip to maximize a good grip grab takes care of that. AND if your stupid enough to put your finger on the trigger while drawing maybe you should shoot yourself anyway.

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Hello Mickeyfinn, Welcome to the forum.
I must say a Newbie, with an attitude.....I like it! You'll fit right in around here at laid Backville.
Welcome MickeyFinn..........:applouse:
Welcome ..............
Hello Mickeyfinn, Welcome to the forum.
I must say a Newbie, with an attitude.....I like it! You'll fit right in around here at laid Backville.
He will be fine as long as he steers clear of the trouble maker(s)..............who shall remain nameless..........( b_b ) ....!!
I also know fellow members such as mr rat would be happy to provide any guidance necessary to be helpful in the matter...........
Hey MickeyF, I rest my case. Again I say to you welcome to the Rouges Gallery. You have just been introduced and welcomed by a one.
I use it on my PM45 and all my glocks. I love them. A lot of people will bring up the "you need something to cover the trigger" but if you look at the design, your body and inner waistband area are a makeshift trigger guard when it's in your waistband.

Also, there has never been a documented case of an accidental discharge while using the ClipDraw.
Another welcome for kingfhb. Welcome to the forum. Although I've looked at them I've never thought seriously of them. Guess I have to revisit it.
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OK, if the xsailer thinks you are OK, then so will I. I'll keep my cats on a leash and under control. Do you like Jameson Black Barrel? Talk about smooth, yes it is. Not inexpensive, but no Jameson should be so.

I had to come back and edit my post: I have no idea what a clip draw is. Is that where the clip is attached to the pistol?
Never had Jameson Black Barrel but will look. If it doesn't cost a lot then I'm not interested. That's why I like Kahr's. Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

I don't think I'd do it but I'll look.
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Perfect to clip in a speedo
HEY!! You have a point and I know right where it is.
Watch out for the end of that clip....................pinch...pinch !!
My o my, 'cause you ask opinions. Here it is, based on my experience, training, and having been required to train many not so safe individuals.

In my not so humble opinion - It is foolish to carry any handgun without at least the trigger being covered. Under the stress of a life threatening event, stuff happens. Mr Murphy is watching and will "fix" your well thought out plans. It can put you in the hospital or worse.

This is a point that I will not argue about, "do as you please, 'cause you will any way"

STAY SAFE :thumbsu:
Lefty, I did as I suggested, looked, and will stick with trigger covered holsters as you opinionized. I think absolute safety is paramount when it comes to weapons.
Are you anywhere near our resident "Lurkerer" Mr. Rat? He lives somewhere on the coast.

"mic" holster

I love the dang things, had em 3 years. Great to have around, get one for every pistol. I carry Tcp w/mic mexican style,,, ya never know its there.
How do you use it? Around neck or shoulder?

I guess I don't understand Tcp mexican style.
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