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What is this??

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This part is offered by Kahr online. How does this work? Is it worth ordering for $5 and paying for delivery of probably the same amount $5?

Take Down Block (Only K Series & E9)

Inserts in chamber and aligns slide in exact position for easy dis-assembly. Only K9, K40, K40 Covert & E9
Qty: $5.00
Circle Magenta Plastic Tints and shades Carmine
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It inserts in the slide when you pull it back so that it lines up the release to make it easy to pop the pin out. Yes it most definitely is worth it !!!!
Where does it "insert" and which end? I guess I'm really at loss here. The pin hole is filled already, the bullet exit cutout maybe or under the slide? I'm sure I'm going feel stupid when you tell me.
Toney, So, the small end is the "finger Handle" and insert the big end in the ejector hole and it should hole the slide open aligned to the slide pin. A guy could make one from a dowel and cutout piece of wood I guess.
Thanks. (wouldn't you think there would be a "how to" on Karh's site? If so I couldn't find it.)
I would think the peg goes in the chamber to hold it in while you close the slide on it.
I couldn't find any instructions either...
The peg goes in towards the barrel end, and let the slide close against the rest of the body which then holds the slide at just the correct position to pop the take down pin out. My K40 was so hard to pop that pin I had to insert the block and then tap the pin with a plastic screwdriver handle. It was impossible to do it while trying to hold the slide in position with one hand and use an object to pop the pin with the other. Obviously many others has the same issue for kahr to make that block for that purpose...........
I have a devil of a time as you described with both the cm9 and k9. A third hand would help. If it works for the k then I'm making one for the cm by cracky. Thanks for the explanation.

I can hold each of my Kahr Pistols by hand, but I need my nylon hammer to move the take down pin. I think I need that five dollar tool. Except I don't own a 9mm Kahr.
I don't know about the other size Kahr's but on the CM9 three hands would be helpful to even be able to tap the pin. K9 is bigger but for me at least still a chore. If I didn't have a forum friend giving me one I would either be making one out of hardwood and a dowel or ordering it. I just couldn't figure out how it worked. I don't know if will work on the CM9 but if not I going to try my hand at making one.

Just got it today courtesy of a Forum Freind. It works great and as explained, the small end Peg goes directly into the barrel rear end. Works great. Thanks friend. I will pass the favor on someday.

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