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What's the going price these days?

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Going to the local gun show in Oct. Going to try a find a P380. Just wanted to know what the going price for one is now that they are starting to hit the stores. Maybe to say if you were going to buy one what would you pay?
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I live in NC and there are none around here, I was in Raleigh yesterday and stopped at Lawmen's a fairley large gun shop and the salesman said the got two in about a year ago, and none after that, and have had ten on order and nine are spoken for. Some places I called said they have never seen one. I got mine from a place in SD for $535 + 30 shipping, still cheaper than the ones on Gun Broker.
Nobody else will give a price for theirs?
$521 + tax at Sportco warehouse in Fife, Washington.
LGS in Fayetteville, NC has two in stock as of today. $549.00 plus tax.
Wow, Shooters here in Jax, Fl had $699 on the sticker. The dropped the price a whole $50 to $650 since I have bought so many guns from them.Wow, they said they would sell it to me for MSRP that is nice of them.... ::)
Well mine arrived at the dealer's shop late last week. Unfortunately here in NY I need to wait for a court ordered purchase permit and have to have the weapon registered to my license before I can take delivery which I hope is by months end. In any event the price came to $589 plus tax. It took about 3 weeks to get the gun from the time I placed my order.


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got mine this afternoon, $599.00 plus tax. in
Paid 559.00 in southern Maine. The store has had em every time I go in, they also seem to have 380 ammo most of the time too. Guess We are lucky in southern Maine. I bought mine 2 months ago and have about 200 rounds thru it with only a few normal breakin malfunctions very early on, works great, love it!

Saw four standard P380s at a LGS today and the price was $529.00 each plus tax.
$499 + Tax It was used but did not look like it had been fired much if at all.
$649 + tax in Ca. something like $730 out the door
$569 + tax at Cabelas in East Hartford, CT
The early prices I seen on GB and at gun shows have really come down from $700 to a more reasonable $575-600 at most place I've looked recently.
Got mine for $599 shipped with a box of ammo. I traded in a LCP! ;D
Just paid $589 in Charlotte area. I called around 3 other shops, and it ranged from $575 - $629. I spent $14 more and didn't get it from the shop where the guys tend to be jerks...
I paid $660+tax at Jays Sporting Goods in Gaylord, MI 2 weeks ago for the KP3833N. The model without the Night Sights was $560. They had a couple more in the showcase.
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