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whats your nightstand gun?

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here's mine a xdm9.
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Usually whatever I carried that day, my MK9 or K40 sits right on top closest to the bed.
Not exactly a night stand, but this is where I intend to keep mine. It is a wall mounted stand for a flower pot, a night light, or whatever else the wife decides to put on it. I just built this thing and still needs the finish applied to it. Again, I have to wait till she decides what color she wants it. See attached pictures as it sits in my little shop area.

All it takes is a push of the top mounted button and the center part falls open to allow instant access to the weapon, which will be loaded and ready for use. Can easily be done in total darkness, if the need arises.


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Usually my CW9 is on top of the table but in the corner (behind the door when it is open) stands my Winchester 12 ga. pump gun full of S&B 12 pellet double ought buck shot. I only wish I could conceal it on my person. Bravo26 that is a sweet piece of woodworking, did you design it? Where can we get plans?
I didn't have any plans for it, it was just something I dreamed up while laying in bed trying to go to sleep. It was built to house the Kahr MK9, but for the Kimber I had to widen the center a little to allow the Crimson Trace grips to fit.

On a different note, I had a chance to fire the Kimber today and try the Crimson Trace laser. Only had time to fire about 50 rounds before it started to rain, but the heavy overcast made it easy to see the "dot", and I was really surprised to find it dead-nuts. I put 7 or 8 shots practically in the center of the bullseye (at 50 feet) by aiming using the laser only. All shots could be covered by a quarter. They were correct in claiming that its sighted in at 50 feet, its right on the money.

The Kimber performed flawless, believe it or not but the recoil of the 45 is less than the 9mm Kahr MK9, another pleasant surprise for me.

Back to the mount I made the little plunger in the center piece I made (have a lathe and milling machine at home) and it locks into the upper portion when closed. A button up on top flush with the surface is what releases it. A push of the button drops the center portion out to about a 45 deg. angle and stops there so you can retrieve the weapon without the possibility of it falling out. Again, no prints or drawings available for it. Sorry.
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Nice piece of work there bravo, looks great and is perfect for its intended use. And you are right about the recoil of the 45, when I shoot my colt it is more of a push than say a snap or flip.
Bravo that's my favorite kind of woodworking. You sure did a great job, it sure looks sweet. I'll bet you could sell the plans my friend or better yet sell the finished pieces! Ron I agree the recoil is more of a push than a flip in the 1911 but the older I get the harder it is on me. I like to shoot my .45's but the accumulative effect of shooting say a hundred rounds is painful to say the least on the old worn-out joints in my hands. Using target or range type ammo the 9mm cartridge even from my little Kahr has much less pain, which is also the reason I don't shoot my Charter Arms Bulldog very much anymore.
Yeah I hear ya. I had surgery on my shoulder and bicep a year ago. As a result of that I can't do more than 200 - 250 rounds at the range anymore. It just gets painful after that. Getting older is great in the gaining of wisdom and experience department, but doesn't do any favors when it comes to the physical part.....!!!!
Some additional pictures

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Here are some additional pictures for those who want to make one. I suggest making a few, identical looking and hanging in various locations. Only you would know the "real" one. Once on the wall (will have to be attached to a wall stud with lag bolts, hidden from view), you can put something distracting on top.

Now if I could only convert the 90 mm gun (I had on the tank in Vietnam) into a handgun I would be all set as a concealed carry. Who's going to argue with that pointing at them.


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The pin made from a hard plastic (Delrin) is there to keep the gun in place without causing any damage to the barrel.
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