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When I had the MK9 Elite 03

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The MK9 I sold not too long ago was a very nice handgun. One reason for not having it anymore is that the slide was very difficult to rack for me, lost some of my left side use due to a stroke a while back. The other reason was that with this particular gun the rear of the slide would raise up when the trigger was pulled. It didn't raise up by much (app. 1/32" or slightly more) but enough to where it would throw off the bullet strike. At first I thought that it was me pulling it down due to recoil anticipation, but I noticed that it was still doing it fired from a bench rest.

When I got home I took it apart for cleaning and when I put it back together I found it lifting up on the rear of the slide just before the break. I believe that this is caused by the cam when it moves the striker back. At normal self-defense ranges this would not be a cause of concern, but being a precision fanatic it just bothered me. I know and I understand that there has to be some tolerance for parts to work properly, but that tolerance should be in acceptable range. When I see the slide lifting by as much as .040, to me that is way too much.

I noticed reading some of the articles here about shooters experiencing low and left bullet strikes, the same thing I experienced with the MK9 I had, it maybe due to the slide lifting at the rear of the weapon.

Just a thought, and what I found on the one I had which was brand new when I bought it and only ate about 50 rounds before I decided to get a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Now if the slide wasn't so difficult to operate for me I would still have the MK9. For a CCW gun its simply the best I've seen, especially the best looking gun IMHO.
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I agree with you about the slide being very tight and hard to cycle manually. I noticed the same tendency to shoot a little low and left also. But with practice that goes away. I had shoulder and bicep surgery on my right arm ( I'm right handed ) last year. And have a partial disability now, and I no longer have the strength I once had. So it's tough for me to rack the slide on my Kahrs a lot of the time. At the range I shoot them enough to be proficient. When the mag is empty the slide locks back, so loading each time is easy. I too love the looks of my MK9 an K40, I think Kahrs are sexy looking guns. For most of my target shooting I shoot my 1911 45s, that is also why I put the bobtail commander on layaway. In about 2 weeks or so I should have it. They are my fun shooting range guns, as I'm sure your Kimber is. I have holsters for them and can carry if desired. Let us know how the H&K shoots.......
With even a empty mag in the pistol it will hold the slide up while pulling the trigger.

Low left is a right hand trigger control problem .being left handed I will pull low and right
Yeah I have had to work on that to stop pulling my shots low & left. It's not as bad with my SA triggers.
Yes, I know what you're saying about the magazine lifting the slide. On mine the rear of the slide would raise up right before the trigger released the striker. It would do that with/without a mag. in it, loaded or not. When it is ready to fire, the barrel is locked and if the slide lifts the barrel will move along with it. As far as shooting DA, I've had instances where I would "pull" the gun just before it fired, but I would usually catch myself doing it.

With the MK9, I made every reasonable to keep it as steady as I could so to say that I'm pulling the grouping down due to trigger control is unlikely, especially when it is supported on a rest. I really contribute this to the fact that when the cam is at its highest point, ready to release the striker, it lifts the back of the slide.

Aside from that, I had the chance to fire the H&K today. It is one fine shooting gun, recoil is about the same as shooting a 38 WC from a 4" barreled revolver, it is very mild. I shot some flat-point 165 gr. and JHP 180 gr +P through it, no mishaps at all. The claimed recoil reduction assembly used in this gun does what they claim, its very easy to shoot and you could do it all day without hurting you hand(s). It is way softer than the Kimber Ultra Carry II, but as far as which will be my favorite gun now its hard to say. I like both of them about the same. I have to say though, the fit and finish of the H&K is excellent.

Now back to finishing my "home work" that the wife assigns me to do.....................retirement is hell, maybe I'll go back to work so I can get some rest every now and then.
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