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where do you shoot

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For most of my time shooting I just had to go out side.
Never really thought how lucky I have been, even living on the farm I could hear people at the free range. Had shot there for over 30 years!!! Met a lot of shooters, got to shoot alot of neat guns, picked up a ton of brass!!! And trash!!! Always left it better.

The city closed it a few years ago, I thought for good!!! But its open again., but its not free. But with the new rules I cant take my grandkids. The wife would have to buy a membership just to be there.

I really miss shooting where I can find my brass, got a bucket of 9, but I wont shoot my 45 if I think I wont be able to find them!!!
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It must have been great just to be able to go out like that and shoot. I have never had that opportunity, always had to go to an indoor range. Luckily for me I now live right around the corner from a range/gunshop. I do all of my shooting there, and have bought many guns from them. They know me there pretty well as I'm in there all the time, shooting, buying something, or just looking around. They usually give me a discount on the guns or knives I buy there, so I don't mind supporting them even over Internet purchases most of the time.
I can shoot here, but to be polite with the neighbors I don't much. Might see if a reload works or try a new one out.
funny though, the lady I though would get up set thinks I'm dispatching a varmint every time and doesn't mind at all.
If she / they ever say anything, just tell them those varmints breed like rabbits and they're running around so fast you just have to keep shooting till you hit one.
You know, ive grew out of the ******* stage but when a ****, opossum, or skunk moves under your house its got to go!!!!
I am Blessed to live/have property many miles from town city limits. I also have my own miniture range-as a result of my son and his college buddies all majoring in Criminal Justice-and needed a place for them to learn gun safety and shoot. I built a kind of "Hogans Alley" on one part of it. Any way I go shooting when I want-so I probably get to shoot more ofter than others. I was also fortunate to buy ammo every once and a while when it was available, not knowing what was going to happen (now). I shoot more 9mm's than 45's. I would like to shoot more 22's-but they are the hardest to get right now. Shooting often (at least with the same gun) keeps you sharp-and familiar. Should you have to-you will probably fight like you train!
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