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Which is the Best or worse of your Kahr holster's?

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We, or at least most of us I bet have more than one holster. Some that are stinkers and ONE that's the best of the rest. If you have pictures then please show them if not then whatever you can do.
Some months ago I would not have picked this one as my most used. Notice I said most used not my favorite. I find in my back pocket is the most comfortable of the holsters I have. I'm in the process of ordering a new OWB Mitch Rosen that may at least be as comfortable but then it is for a K9, much heavier so the pocket carry will probably be out.
Looking forward to seeing you choices.


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I've only had one, but it was around my eighth version of a galco summer comfort.
I left the stiffener off, the extra edge is uncomfortable, and the leather is stiff enough for one hand reholstering. Personal protective equipment Electric blue Fashion accessory Plastic Carmine
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When I get a cw380 ill make another one of these Wood Everyday carry Electric blue Strap Rectangle
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my least favorite ... I've got the leather to make a pocket holster for my cm, but when I pocket carry something that heavy I'd rather it be a revolver.
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this is my best store bought pocket holster. I really don't like the feel off the tacky surface against my skin, even through my pocket... getting sweaty makes it worse.
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View attachment 526 my least favorite ... I've got the leather to make a pocket holster for my cm, but when I pocket carry something that heavy I'd rather it be a revolver.
I have one just like this and I don't use it as its too narrow for even for a pocket gun. It moves around in the pocket, I use it to put my gun in it, to store in the nightstand drawer, that's all I think its good for.
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this one sure moved around! !! I made one just like it out of leather that worked good.
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#2 plate,I like the extra wide leather with two snaps and I've been looking for gun/mag holster like you show in the other pic. I haven't been able to find one under a $100 though. Is it a pocket holster? I saw your wide strap holster before this thread and thought to myself I have one like it that I might do the same thing.
#3 plate, why a revolver. In holster or pocket holster?
#4 plate, this is the one I have. It was to tight at the trigger guard and I remove the row of threads and put in my own to better hold cm9 up right. I really like it and would be surprised if I found a better one.
#5 plate, I also have several I don't like that I use for the limited spaces around the house.
The grip angle on a revolver makes it easier to pull out of a pocket than a micro 380...

And it will shoot more than once from a pocket.

I like the wide loop, the split loop helps with holster position, cause of the belt loops always being in different spots on different pants. But the wide loop is a little more stable.
One thing I can't stand is if I do pocket carry, which isn't often, is the gun/holster moving around. And IWB which is my normal carry I like a wide platform to spread the weight and create a stable hold ion the weapon.....
In my case the the DeSantis absolutely fits my pocket and doesn't move around. In addition after I relocated some stitching the gun stays right where it should. I also believe, like you, the best way to spread load is on the belt IWB or OWB especially with bigger full size weighted guns. My little one doesn't weigh much more than a wallet.
A few days ago I got the Mitch Rosen Exp OWB. I ordered it last Monday and got it FRIDAY! I was really surprised it came so soon. Their site said up to 4 weeks delivery. Can't judge it yet but I must it is all everyone says it is as far quality and looks. It looks really small with the gun in it. Also must say it's hard to draw quickly as it's still tight. Just have to play with it a while, just like everything else I guess. <grin>
I have a sticky pocket holster for my MK40 and love it
My favorites are both FIST holsters. A pocket FIST holster that I removed the 'release tab' from . Very low profile and still releases as the holster catches on the pocket on the draw. And a kydex close cropped OWB by FIST. With the short barrelled P380 this holster rides only an inch below the belt making it almost as easy to cover as an IWB.

My least favorite ; anything nylon!
I went to their website.........they are really nice looking holsters.........and appear to be very well made...........good choice !!!
I like leather.
I like leather.
I don't mind the kydex hybrids as long as the side that comes in contact with my a$$ is leather !!!!
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