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Why Kahr ?

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For those of you that own one ( or several ) and / or getting ready to purchase one, why did you choose Kahr...........??
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Really I wanted something better than the pf9. Really always wanted a pm. But I always thought they were a little high.
I was just looking for something that would fit in my jeans pocket and was at least a 9mm.
After looking at Kel-Tech though I also included dependability as a requirement. Researching
on the net left me to beleive that Kahr was the most obvious choice.
I just bought a PM9 after having lots of .380's (colt, Beretta 85, Walther PPK and PPKS and a Kel-tec) All except the Kel-Tec were too big for comfortable front pocket carry and the Kel-tec is a case of "you get what you pay for". It is cheap but it is flawed. I did a lot of research before popping for a PM9 but I am assuming from what I have read that it is a super quality and accurate hand gun. I plan on putting a Crimson Trace laser and the two together should make for great (if not the greatest) pocket gun. I am a post 65 guy and I am not enamored with poly frames, but they sure are light and easy to carry. I never went anywhere without my Kel-tec and I hope I can carry my Kahr with the same ease.
Welcome, and congrats on your new Kahr............great choice !!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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