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Wichester Ranger .380 ACP LE 95 Gr.

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For anyone interested, I just received four boxes (50 rds/box) Winchester Ranger .380 ACP LE 95 Gr. $28.99 Model: RA380T. I also purchased 4 boxes of LE 12 gauge and ended up with a $13.88 FedEx shipping fee. Seemed like a very good price in this market for LE/SD ammo. Shipping was quick (ordered Sunday, delivered Friday).


I haven't had a chance to test fire this ammo yet. I did rack (using the slide lock/release) a full mag (no trigger pulling) through a dirty chamber (~100 rds. since cleaning) with no apparent issues.
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That's a good price. It shoots well in the P380 and it seems milder in recoil than some of my range FMJ ammo.
I carry it in my P380 for SD. I bought 5 boxes for $34 a box about 4 months ago and shot over 100 rounds without any problem.
Wynn :)
I've fed 50 rds. of Rangers through the P380 and it seems to like them. I've "polished" her with about 500-600 rds. and the Rangers all ran with no FTF or FTE. They shoot very much like the Sellier & Bellot ammo I've been practicing with. When I do my part, I've managed 6" groups off-hand at about 20 yards. Keep in mind I tend to shoot for the pleasure of it in my back yard, not to win any trophies.
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