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Wolf primers?

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Just picked up a new P380 and a brick of Wolf primers (Wanted the 380, the primers were all I could find)

LOVE the gun in general, but I'm getting a FTF(ire) about 15% of the time out of 300 rounds fired using the Wolf primers. Usually they'll go bang on the second or third strike.

Due to the dearth of 380 ammo, I've only fired ~30 rounds of factory ammo, but no misfires. That leads me to believe the Wolf primers are overly hard. On the other hand, I've shot at least 50 of these primers though a P3AT, TCP, and PM9 without issue so at least part of the problem is the gun.

So I'm wondering...anybody else have issues with Wolf in the P380? If so, did it make other primers go bang without issue? Obviously I plan to test it further when time and ammo availability allow, but I'm wondering if I should consult Kahr first.
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I doubt if it is the primers. How about give that striker channel area a good spray cleaning. That little hole on the bottom of the slide feeds right into that striker channel and is your cleanout hole. Just spray away. Then while spraying pullb ack onthe striker tiself and continue to spray throught ha thole, that opens up that front portion of the channel even better. You might just have some crude in there causing light strikes.

It is still in its break in process, so make sure all things are right. good grip ont hegun, letting up ont he trigger for a complete reset, recoil springs on correctly. Read and reread the manual. Test with factory ammo to,not reloads,
jocko said:
Test with factory ammo to,not reloads,
I'd love to. Got any you want to sell? ;D

Thanks for the tip on the cleaning hole. I was planning to pull the slide apart to check the channel. I wouldn't expect it to be gunky from the factory, but this is my first new Kahr so I have no first hand experience.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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